Services we offer

  • Night Club Medics

  • Event Medics

  • First Aid Courses

Night Club Medic

We can provide you and your club or venue with an experienced medic complete with equipment. It has been noted in previous years that having a night club medic on site saw an increased profit compared to others who simply telephoned the local 999 services and their presence at their premises.

This would mean that your clients will have the added assurance that if they become ‘worse for wear’ or are indeed injured, they will be receiving immediate professional medical assistance. Unnecessary 999 calls will be prevented by filtering injuries and reducing attendance to local A&E facilities, which will favour well in the eyes of everyone including the local NHS and Police.  We can even aid clients safely home by simply phoning and supporting them into taxis, minibuses or friends vehicles.

A night club medic on your site will certainly improve your reputation, looking more responsible than your competition and will also take pressure off your security teams and improve relations with the local authority, licensing board, ambulance service and the police.

Event Medics

Are you running an event with people attending, competitiors and/or public? Or do you already have medical personnel or first aiders organised but need another Medic, or more qualified, for an event? Is there an element of risk at your event , for example, motorsport, equestrian, bouncy castles, sports such as athletics, football etc.  Have you considered emergency medical and first aid for your event? Can your event run without it?

Events that are organised with numbers of people attending have to provide First Aid cover. This is one of the most important aspect of any organised event. Sadly it is also the part that is often forgotten about! The First Aid is important for the Safety of both the General Public and those taking part and is the responsibility of the Event or Venue Manager. This is required by Health and Safety Executive and Law.

Although we are based in the North East Region, we can cover an event anywhere in the UK. We are also able to help supply anything from Basic First Aider’s up to Paramedic’s and from front line Ambulances to 4x4 ambulances

The types of events we can cover are numerous but include:

  • Motorsport

  • Sports

  • Fetes

  • Shows

  • Game Fairs

  • Corporate Events

  • Festivals

  • Displays

  • Exhibitions

  • Concerts

  • Film Sets

and much, much more.

First Aid Courses

We offer a selection of First Aid courses which, are all recognised and approved courses.

We can teach these courses on a one to one bases or as a group, we even offer a door to door service so we can teach at your home as long as there is space. All of our prices are very competitive

The following courses are available.

First Aid at Work (FAW) - running over an 18hr period which is over 3 days

Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW - one day course

Paediatric First Aid - running over a 12hr period which is broke down into 2days

First Aid Work Shop - 2hrs per work shop